Finding Character In Nature Recorded Program (FOR PC ONLY)

I’m excited to be able to use this new method of teaching and hope you will take advantage of this great learning experience.


I have designed a series of how-to programs that will instruct you on different areas of macro photography in nature.

With these downloadable recorded programs, you will be able to see my computer screen on your screen, and hear me talking about the subject.

Save them on your computer and watch them when ever you need.

Finding Character In Nature

Finding character in nature will help make your images stand out from the average macro photos. I will teach you the art of finding character in nature. 

You will recieve an email with a downlaod link for the program.

One hour long webinar were you see my screen and hear my voice.

Cost only $9.95

Finding Character In Nature Recorded Program (FOR PC ONLY)
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Price $9.95