Macro Mentoring Course

Macro Mentoring Course Online

The Macro Mentoring Course is designed to be a personal one-on-one learning experience for anyone wishing to advance their skills in macro (close-up) photography. It is great for those not able to attend any of my macro boot camps or for those living outside of the USA. If you have been fortunate enough to attend a macro boot camp, then this will take you to the next level.

This course is a 12 session program designed to give how-to information on elements of design, two subject compositions, subjects that have character, flower photography, and working with depth of field. The subjects are both natural and man-made. However, bugs and critters will not be shot.

Participants will have a shooting assignment to practice their learned skills. Some assignments will be easy. Many will challenge your creative abilities and teach you how to find subjects and compose them properly. Images from your shooting assignments will be critiqued and fine-tuned with the goal of helping you achieve quality photography and something that you would be proud to hang in your home.

A digital SLR camera, a macro lens, and a tripod are required equipment. It is important that the participant know the basic functions of the camera usage including f/stops, exposure adjustments, ISO, and manual focusing.

You will progress at your own pace. There is no time limit on when each session has to be completed. If you are busy, start back when time allows.

The course will be conducted online through email and videos.  You must have internet connection capable of streaming videos from YouTube.

The course costs $249 but it will be the best money you will ever invest in your photography. All correspondents will be done through emails. Participants in the Macro Mentoring Course will receive special discount pricing from Hunt’s Photo, the largest photo retailer in the New England states.

Once you sign up you will receive an email within 24 hours to start the course.

My qualifications:

  • Honored as a “Tamron Image Master”
  • Winner of many photo contests and awards
  • Articles and images published in major photo magazines
  • Sponsorships from many product manufactures
  • Speaker for photo conferences and camera clubs
  • Participated in art show circuit several years
  • Conducted macro workshops for thousands of attendees
  • Past moderator of the macro galleries at photo critique sites
Macro Mentoring Course
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